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it was so freaking mad. its definetly the stand out music experience in my life to date.

kings of leon were pretty goodly aswell but pearl jam still ate them whole.

it was so mad. they have like the greatest presence. i cant imagine how the other sydney show could have been all people sitting. hwo fucked would you have to be.

it was so freaking awesome. i want to go back there again.

during kings of leon eddie vedder came out and participated in a song lol. he broke a tamborine then threw it into the crowd.

then later (in pjs actual show lol) (towards the end) they got this little kid onto the stage, Nick. what a fucking lucky bastard. he was like playing WITH them with a tamb. what a lucky fucker man. eddie put him on his shoulders aswell. it was so mad.

they can play so freaking well.

it was obv better in the songs i knew more lol. but the songs i had only minimal exposure to (or none) were still pretty freaking mad aswell lol.

they were so good.

uh. it was great.

oh but then afetr the show we went to check if starbucks was open. it was so we got coffee and food, but then we go back to town hall only to miss the last train to central. then this cleaning lady with a bit too much of an attitude told us there are no more trains. ok. freak out lol.

sorta killed pj excitement but hey.

anyway had to wait for a nightride bus that would come at 20 to 2. it took freaking 1hr30min to get home. atleast my car wasnt stolen or dead. it went quite good lol.

but yeah that was the latest i have stayed in teh city and not actually having stayed in the city lol.

ended up getting home at like 330.

man pearl jam was so good. tbh i dont think i expected it to be that good.

now i gotta try to get the bootleg of teh site lol.

i dont want to get back to life.
life seems so boring now.

yeah buffy and pokemon are great ( i got buffy monster and poke s1 btw lol) but seriously i dont want to watch them cause then pearl jam is over.

i cleaned my room and assembled a fucking stupid shelf piece of shit at my mums today.

oh and i got a green pj shirt :) its mad also

so here ends my boring recount of the greatest music night of my no music experience life lol.
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